Erynias Tribe

Erynias Tribe is a Birmingham based belly dance and fire performance troupe with an eye towards the deconstruction of boundaries within genres. Every form of expression, particularly within the medium of dance, has value and is worthy of exploration, from fire breathing and poi to classical ballet. In that same spirit, Erynias Tribe has a keen interest in performance in accessible and variegated venues; Again, deconstructing that notion of where an exotic medium such as belly dance “belongs.”

Performing alongside rock bands and other disparate performance outfits rather than subsisting solely within those outlying venues that would generally be assigned to them is the perfect trojan horse, a way to quietly impact the perception of dance and it’s place within the community.


There are no upcoming events at this time.

Troupe Bios



Raven Thrasher is the creative director of Erynias Tribe. She’s been dancing since she was wee and has always found value and substance in many, (at times, seemingly disparate,) styles of dance and expressive movement. Raven was first exposed to  tribal belly dance in 2003 and was left mesmerized. Her sense of wonder at the beauty and the immediacy of this art form has only deepened over the years. Raven finds inspiration for dance and costuming through music, visual arts and in nature.



Brooke Schwartz has been performing with Erynias Tribe since their emergence in June 2009.  After becoming a student of belly dance in 2005, she has devoted her tuition to the tribal fusion genre. She bears a variety of influences from hip hop to broadway theater. Brooke’s focus has been innovative choreography and costuming that helps tell the story of the show. She has found a sisterhood in dance and promotes a supportive performance art community.



Erynias Tribe
Ph: 205.200.2000
Birmingham, AL 365210
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